Personalization for a relevant customer experience

Marketing has evolved considerably over the last few decades, but the mission has remained the same: to build better relationships with customers and encourage them to spend more with you. With these customers now spread across the globe, interacting 24/7 on a wide variety of devices, a Single Customer View is critical to identify, understand, and communicate with them.

It’s time to bring the data under one system and truly integrate data from disparate sources with lightning-fast processing. It’s time for the CMO to have a single, holistic look into how all marketing programs are performing, enabling better decision-making. It’s time to return marketing to the hands of the marketers where they can access incredible insights, clustering, and customer segments without commissioning analyst reports or waiting around. It’s time to serve customers with a better experience as a result.


Meaningful personalization and relevancy define the customer experience

Customers are always on the go and multitasking. A lot of their time is spent online and on various devices. They are looking for the most convenient way to live their lives, and this includes doing business with service providers who can give them the highest value. Find out how you business is doing.


Maturity Model Personalization


  • Personalization is on the first name in email marketing.
  • You gather your data mostly from explicit sources such as forms and surveys.


  • Dynamic content is used in emails and on other channels.
  • You have a preference centre.
  • Your website is dynamic, and so are your landing pages.


  • Website, landing pages and emails are dynamic.
  • Personalization is also possible on 3rd party data such as weather and/or geo-location.
  • You personalize based on engagement and lifecycle.


  • Your customer journeys are fully dynamic and Al controlled.
  • You apply machine learning to adapt the journey and optimize future.
  • You have at least one recommendation engine active and campaign execution system.