The secret ingredient in Hellofresh's martech stack nobody knows

Obsessed is filled with use cases, case studies and examples - by which we want to inspire you by highlighting some of the world's most innovative companies and how they use Customer Data Platforms as part of their Martech infrastructure - and how it helps them pivot into market-leading positions. Major disruptors like AirBNB, Spotify are also leveraging this technology.

We pretty much all know HelloFresh. They aim to provide every household in 11 countries with the opportunity to enjoy wholesome, home-made meals without the hassle of shopping for ingredients and with minimal preparation time. Each day’s delicious meals are carefully planned, every ingredient is carefully sourced, and meal packages are delivered to subscribers’ front doors at the time most convenient for them.

Behind the scenes, a huge data-driven technology platform puts HelloFresh in prime position to leverage subscriber touchpoints. It enables them to consistently manage supply chains and demand, as well as to optimize both the customer experience and their business economics.

One of the core components of HelloFresh’s martech stack is the CrossEngage Customer Data Platform or CDP. On top of defining data CDP features, primarily including the ability to merge user and customer data from various systems to create accessible 360° user profiles, the CDP has sophisticated campaign management tools.

Hellofresh CDP


They allow for highly relevant real-time and audience-based drip campaigns across all marketing and retention channels. Due to these features, CrossEngage defines its product as a Customer Data and Engagement Platform. Comprehensive customer profiles, in conjunction with cross-channel campaign management features, enable HelloFresh to deliver seamless and individual customer experience across all customer touchpoints.

A seamless customer experience Although HelloFresh is a digitally native company, it struggled to synchronize their channels before they had deployed the CrossEngage Customer Data Platform. This resulted in blurry brand perception and confused customers, as communications were not in sync and at times even conflicted across channels.

HelloFresh has always followed a best-of-breed martech approach, meaning they deploy the best tools for every marketing channel they use and each market they serve. The approach has many advantages but also some challenges: disparate data sources lead to incomplete customer views and diverse marketing channels lead to unsynchronized marketing communications.

The missing link in their martech stack was a Customer Data Platform with excellent campaign management capabilities, which enabled the following:

  • complete real 360° user views;
  • orchestrated marketing communication on both individual and audience levels, all in real-time
  • seamless integration with their existing marketing channel tools.

The advantage of a Customer Data Platform with advanced campaign management facility is its deep integration into delivery channels. More precisely, instead of uploading segments into delivery channels and triggering campaigns through each one individually, CrossEngage enables complete centralized control of the campaign flow. It reduces effort and enables real-time, cross-channel campaign management.

Hellofresh CDP 2


Synchronizing offline and online communications HelloFresh was not only able to orchestrate their digital channels but their offline communications as well. By using Optilyz, a seamlessly integrated SaaS (Software as a Service) provider for offline mailings, they were able to increase their campaign’s conversion rate (CR) by a factor of 2 and the channel’s ROI by a factor of 2.3 in an orchestrated cross-channel campaign.

HelloFresh’s goal was to test the effectiveness of vouchers in both single and multichannel campaigns. The recipients were divided into three groups:

  1. Group #1 received a discount voucher via email and, if they didn’t convert, received the same voucher via the post.
  2. Members of Group #2 received an email stating that they should look into their mailbox the following day, and then received a voucher via the post.
  3. Group #3 received a voucher via the post.

Group #1 and Group #3 had very similar conversion rates and ROI. Group #2, however, completely outperformed both other groups by a factor of 2 (CR) and 2.3 (ROI).

The reasoning behind this is intriguing: instead of merely presenting an offer to a client, storytelling was used to trigger excitement for the upcoming proposal.

To engage in storytelling like this, you need a CDP that has great campaign management features and seamless integration with both offline and Online Channels. 

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