Why we are so Obsessed with the 10 rules

10 rules

When Marc Bresseel and I were wrapping up Obsessed, we introduced a fresh innovative and new maturity model, bringing all chapters of Obsessed together in a pragmatic hands-on way. 

A model of 4 levels of maturity across six 'swimming lanes': 

  1. Technology as a foundation (nothing more, nothing less)
  2. Allowing Data to be excavated 
  3. in order to achieve higher levels of Personalisation 
  4. fostered by Culture, People & Processes
  5. so that you can improve your Customer Lifecycle Management 
  6. allowing your organisation to evolve in the way you use Metrics based on Value rather than on functions, roles tasks or vanity metrics;


obsessed maturity model

Now, a maturity model is one thing. Without a framework, or a set of guidelines or rules to follow as ‘principle abiding marketers’ it’s pretty inadequate. Moreover, while GDPR has been a blessing for some, it remains a regulatory vehicle. Nothing more, nothing less. 

We needed ten commonsense rules in plain English that – when followed – drive organizations to do what’s right in the eyes of the customer. With these 10 rules, we humbly strive to trigger creating a valiant movement that uses these rules as a beacon of common sense.

Join the movement, Get on board, Get Obsessed. Stay ahead. 

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