5 guiding rules of Obsessed lead nurturing

  1. You might want to stay away from HTML-based emails. Plain text emails tend to look more genuine to those receiving them during a lead nurturing track.


  1. Plain language, please. Keep the written content crisp and simple to understand. If your mails are in English, PrintWand suggests keeping your email simple enough to be understood by a 10-year-old. If you are still not sure if your text is simple enough? Try correcting it using the Hemingway App – a free to use tool that gives your text a readability score. The lower the number, the easier it is to read. The app also gives various suggestions on how to make your writing clearer, stronger, and easier to read.


  1. Keep the cadence but respect the permission. Don’t email leads everyday: be timely with your emails. Emailing leads every day is the fastest way to get them to unsubscribe. A good practice is an email time of 6 to 45 days and no more than 9 to 12 emails per quarter. Make sure it’s relevant; since 53% of leads will stop responding the moment the messages are not personalized or relevant enough. Don’t send everyone the same mail. This goes hand in hand with segmenting your list. The same content won’t resonate with everyone. Make sure to differentiate your content based on to whom it’s sent. Do more than changing the name and industry. Try writing new emails designed specifically for each of your list segments.


  1. Respect marketing and sales alignment: keep both teams in the loop in a reciprocal fashion. The marketing team should be the primary task owner for lead nurturing campaigns, but you should still involve your sales team when designing the nurturing sequence. Your salespeople can tell marketing the best way to approach your prospects’ needs and pain points. Including them in the creation of your sequence makes it easier and more effective than if marketing does it alone.


  1. Keep on walking. A lead nurture process is a never-ending story. Keep the cadence of regularly sitting together with sales and marketing to go through the lead nurture process and continue to optimize and improve.