AI Masterclass with HoGent

Together with Hogent and Duval Union Academy GrowthAgent brings you the first wave of this new AI Masterclass, aimed at business owners and executives who want to discover the many facets of artificial intelligence (AI) and what it can mean for your business. Step by step, you will explore the landscape of AI and its amazing applications in a practical manner, which you can use in very concrete terms in daily business operations. LIttle theory, but loads of use cases and an opportunity to bring your business to the table and create your own roadmap based on your companies' strategy. 


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AI masterclass

As a new generation of business leaders you acquire deeper insight into AI. You become acquainted with the fundamentals, possibilities and numerous practical applications, but you also learn to estimate the related risks and limitations.


AI enables you to create a competitive advantage by taking a well-founded and proactive step forward. It offers an answer to complex and continuously changing business issues.


Invest in applying AI in your unique business models. In this way you align AI with your business strategy and you can adjust and prioritize very effectively. Entrepreneurs, executives and investors agree that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will transform businesses and help dramatically reduce costs and manage risk.


The power of AI to drive revenue and profit growth is exponential. Based on a recent survey of more than 1,000 executives, Forbes defines the areas of Marketing, Customer Service, and Sales as the top three roles where AI can realize its full potential.


With this specialized knowledge you streamline your business operations, accelerate your growth and stimulate innovation. This way you really put your company on the map as a leader and highly competitive.

What can you expect?

  • Thematically constructed theoretical framework
  • Particular attention to sharing best practices and use cases
  • A range of top experts, authorities in AI as guest speakers
  • First-hand concrete tips and tricks
  • Coaching and consultancy for your practical issues

“AI does not replace people, AI strengthens people. That realistic view is crucial if we want companies to embrace AI. ”

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What insights do you gain?

  • AI sells and is a hyped term. As a result, there is a lot of fake AI going around. We will show you what is real and what is not. And how to distinguish fake from real. An important distinguishing factor in this is the concept of 'feedback loops'.
  • We highlight the different forms of AI: the practical applications and approaches to get started right away and thus introduce AI into your organization.
  • We provide a detailed list of pragmatic, low-threshold "narrow" AI tools that you will also see in action.
  • We highlight the impact on the organization and how you can implement feedback loops in your organization.
  • You will gain insight into AI cases in the field of automation, optimization and improvement of business processes.
  • During the off-site bootcamp you will get creative with AI yourself.


  • 27 May 2021: Webinar
    from 11:00 to 15:30
    Module 1a - What is AI? part I
  • 28 May 2021: Webinar
    from 13:00 to 16:00
    Module 1b - What is AI? part II
  • 17 June 2021: Webinar
    from 13:00 to 16:00
    Module 2a - AI: Its various applications & cases focused on Marketing & Sales part I
  • 18 June 2021: Webinar
    from 13:00 to 16:00
    Module 2b - AI: Its various applications & cases focused on Marketing & Sales part II
  • 16 and 17 September 2021: Off-site Bootcamp
    2 days with overnight stay - La Colline, Hubermont, Belgium
    Module 3 & 4 - AI Maturity & Impact on the Organization of the Future part I & II
  • 4 and 5 October 2021: The 5th Conference on Growth
    Antwerp Expo, Belgium




  • Renout Van Hove, Founder & Chief GrowthAgent, author of Obsessed
  • Bernie Caessens, Managing Partner, Resolved
  • Jonathan Berte, CEO & Founder, Robovision
  • Jonas De Cooman, CEO & Founder, Spott
  • dr. Lee Schlenker, Principal of the Business Analytics Institute (BAI)
  • Guy Kirkwood, Chief Evangelist, UiPath
  • Brennan White, CEO, Cortex
  • Aki Balgogh, CEO & Founder, Marketmuse
  • Bertrand Fontaine, Chief AI officer, Sentiance
  • Pieter Buteneers, Director of engineering in ML & AI, Sunch
  • Katya Vlasislavleva, CEO, Datastories
  • Katja Schipperheijn, Founder, Habit Of Improvement
  • Omar Mohout, author, Entrepreneurship Fellow, Sirris
  • Johan Decorte, IT lecturer/researcher & consultant, HOGENT

What knowledge and skills do you acquire?

After this executive masterclass you will be able to:

  • make informed, strategic decisions and improve business performance by integrating key AI management insights into the way your organization functions
  • develop a roadmap for your organization to gain strategic advantage through the use of AI
  • transform your organization into an innovative, efficient and sustainable company of the future. Thanks to a practical basis in artificial intelligence (AI) and its business applications, you have the necessary knowledge and confidence to implement this
  • fully manage AI applications and prioritize and value visual AI and conversational AI

Target audience

Entrepreneurs and executives who want to implement organizational changes and create impact. Business leaders who want to be one step ahead, Start-up business leaders, Innovative marketers & sales professionals.
Basic notions of and affinity with AI suffice.


All webinars take place via Microsoft Teams. A week before you will receive a confirmation email with the link and practical information for the online event.

The off-site boot camp takes place at La Colline in Hubermont, in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes.


You will receive a certificate of participation.


4,395 euros (ticket prices are exempt from VAT (art 44 § 2.4 °))
Early birds price until 7th of May 2021:
3,600 euros


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