GDPR Webinar

Date and Time: Thursday 18 March 2021 - 12:30-13:15
Location: Virtual Session



Every month, one of the four partners from the BAM Legal Expert Group (LEG) presents a 30-minute webinar linked to a legal topic within Marketing. March 2021 Bart Van den Brande, Managing Partner at Sirius Legal, and Renout Van Hove, founding partner of Growth Agent, presented the webinar.

Obsessed - Co-Authored by Renout - and with significant contributions by Bart Van den Brande - has a full chapter dedicated to GDPR. 

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What was it all about? 

A fool with a tool remains a fool. It’s not about technology, it’s about aligning your people, culture, attitude, processes with your creativity keeping an eye on what’s allowed and what’s not. Technology on its own is lazy and will not provide change nor innovation. And the law has been sleepy too…till now. The force of GDPR and its repercussions is awakening - and so should you.

At the same time Google is dramatically changing it’s approach towards Third Party cookies, and this is a game changer. As a consequence, all companies need to become media companies - owned and earned media needs to be applied with one purpose only: to convert into valuable 1st party data. 2nd party data will reign as a new Queen. 

We all need to focus on data activation - knowing 1% of data is used to benefit the customer experience...

But…knowing the most used tools in Marketing Automation are not compliant in a strict sense: what can we still do? 

We are in an impossible spread position of painful GDPR yoga trying to balance common sense with the law and creativity...

But there is a solution…